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Not the café

cafe staff

No, it’s not me. I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. Don’t know who it is or where they’re from. Don’t know which magazine it came from but Paul Birch presented it to me over lunch sometime last year and it’s good for a giggle.


Fat Kids Can’t Smile

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Yeah, thanks, Facebook

Ask a question in Twitter. Fortune Cookie never lies.

Only get naked for the "right reasons"

I’ve asked for another cookie.


Everybody’s wearing my pants.

You’ve seen the Virgin Mary Toast.

And maybe the McDonalds Fake French Fry that looks like Abraham Lincoln.

So I thought I’d bring you….

The Sainsbury’s Potato Square that looks like MY PANTS!

pants 001

And now everybody’s getting in on the act – some of those girls in Heat magazine got out in the middle of the night and had a bit of a party (as they do)
pants 002pants 003pants 004


No, I’m not aquiver with excitement.

When I flicked through the latest Dolphin Square “Tenants Times” I admit I was taken in on first reading, but on closer examination, the letters page seems to make it clear that the story that Prince William is to move into the Square was a spoof – “our exclusive news item which appeared on the DSTA website for one day only Sunday 1 April prompted some of the Square’s wags to have their say.”

However, that hasn’t stopped Hello Magazine and the Daily Express republishing the story, referencing the newsletter as the source. The Express gossip apparently talking to a royal aide to give it some weight.

Update: DSTA gloats on the lack of fact-checking




Not funny – I’m just about getting some colour back in my cheeks and able to uncross my legs.

No jokes please about Cock-a-leekie, Coq au vin or Spotted Dick