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GSA Class of ’87 20-year Reunion

My old friends from the Guildford School of Acting got together in the Union Club in Greek Street (thanks Paul!) to compare grey hairs, pot-bellies and war-stories from our marriages, divorces and other relationships. We were also honoured by the appearance of our former principal Michael Gaunt and head of first year Ian Ricketts. We had a fabulous time, which stretched into the evening when we stumbled over the road into the nearest pub.

I shot some bits of video especially for those luvvies who weren’t able to make it – I hope these give a flavour of what it was like and give you even more encouragement to come along next time.

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Angus Deuchar

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Paul Spyker

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A bunch of folk starting with Ian Tolmie

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Another bunch of folk starting with Darren Ruston

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Lucy Davidson

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Ian Butler

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Adam Tedder (and me)

How many blondes does it take…

Queuing to see WAGsNo, this wasn’t a queue for the Marshall Street Clinic in Soho. Wash your minds out with soap.

There’s a reality TV show (well, ‘reality’ might be stretching it a little) called WAGs boutique being filmed over the road where a group of young women who have some relationship to a sportsman get to run their own fashion business with a shop off Carnaby St. For some reason hundreds of other (presumably less fortunate) young women (and a few guys) were lined up over the street and being admitted in small groups. I assume they are going to have the thrill of meeting some of these superstars and end up on ITV2.

I saw Tamara Beckwith in one of the shops as I passed. I think I’d prefer a trip to the clinic myself.