Yay – Moo Cards!

Yay – Moo Cards!

Originally uploaded by Lloyd Davis.

They came! Lovely lovely moo cards.

I’m just thrilled. If you haven’t seen them yet go look at moo.com.

I paid for this batch of 100 – US$19.99 which translated to £10.84. They came nicely packaged with a postage cost of £1.27 so even with a couple of duds they still work out at less than 10p each. Fantastic.

I’m just not sure that I want to give them away….

Aaah hasn’t he got a lovely simile?

Note to self: Cut back on the similes or make sure you explain them fully.

What I said was:

“Blogs are *like* having your own newspaper”
“Podcasts are *like* having your own radio station”
“Videoblogs are *like* having your own TV station”

I’m not a newspaper publisher, I don’t make radio, I don’t make TV – they are all similar, but fundamentally different. I use comparison with those things to help you understand what it is that I really do. To try and put it in context for you.

It’s like saying (uh-oh here we go again) “Frogs legs are *like* chicken” – it prepares you a little for what’s coming, but you shouldn’t send them back just because you’d formed a mental picture of a family-size KFC bucket.

The Caring Web

…or friendly concern at the speed of RSS.

I posted this to flickr from my cameraphone this morning and within minutes Euan had e-mailed to see if I was OK. Seems those eyes look a bit starey. And actually the colour balance doesn’t do me any favours – they look a bit red too. And of course I haven’t shaved and I hadn’t had time to caption it.

When I’d stopped giggling, I was actually very touched that a hand could be outstretched so quickly thanks to O2, flickr, rss feeds and aggregators… oh, and that nice chap in Buckinghamshire.

Social Tools and their business applications

stowe boydThanks to Abelone who pointed out that we should be doing more showing and less telling.

In that spirit, let me show you some of the things that I was talking about in my presentation at the Unicom conference this morning…

First off – objects of sociability. Here are some things that let you get to see me in a richer way and get to know me online. So OK, let’s get this one out of the way – g-room shampoo shower scene – nuff said.

Here’s my youtube channel you can see everything I produce in public coming through – subscribe if you like what you see.

Here’s my flickr photostream and here it is in RSS format

If you’re interested in what I read through RSS everyday, you can see my public subscription list for bloglines

And the photos from this geek dinner show you what a variety of views you can get to see through tags in flickr.

Here’s a public example of a conference I’ve participated in – it has pre-conference podcasts, pictures, posts and videos from the day – on this occasion we also provided podcasting services, but those were held back for participants only.

Less event focused but in a similar vein, we contributed a lot of content to the consultation site on the Government’s proposed Creative & Media Diploma for 14-19 year olds

Technokitten’s Irish Picnic Adventure

Gary Numan in mad eye mode

Originally uploaded by technokitten.

I’ve really enjoyed seeing Helen’s pictures of the Electric Picnic coming in through her flickr stream this week.

She’s back and has just posted a write-up and it just sounds a beautiful cross between idyllic, serene and crazy ape bonkers.

“Next was Gary Numan, who was awesome. Can’t get Are Friends Electric out of my head. And he was having such a good time on stage he couldn’t help grinning. Mooched around a bit including partaking of some flavoured oxygen. Then headed over to see the Super Furry Animals who I’m sure played a great set, but I just don’t know any of their songs so it all kind of passed my by. Sarah and I discovered Tilly and The Wall who have a tap dancer instead of a drummer. Kinda curious but kinda worked I think. Then I managed a bit of Belle and Sebastian (which was surprisingly rammed) and then I headed off to Sparks who were utterly brilliant. Quickly followed by New Order (where they announced Kelly Osbourne’s wedding in the Inflatable Church), grabbed some food and then listened to Groove Armada from the comfort of our own tent.”

Flavoured oxygen??!?!? Flavoured??!!? Oxygen??!!?!!