Getting Podcast suggestions

We’re off on holiday for 10 days to Madeira. I’ve never been there. All I knew before we booked was it would be warm and it’s out in the Atlantic Ocean but north of the Canaries. Oh and it’s a wine and a cake – which is frustrating for someone who doesn’t drink wine or eat cake.

But warm, island, not London.

I asked Twitter for podcast suggestions as I need a bit of variety in my auditory diet and I expect to be lying around a lot just looking at the sea.

I said:

  • Looking for podcasts to binge on on holiday. Whatchagot? like talky stuff, philosophy of tech not “news” – ideas and laughter, not “comedy”

And Twitter said:

Mark Cotton @mcfontaine

lauren brown @sheseesred

Abbie Walker @Abstardeluxe

Kate AG @RadioKate

  • @LloydDavis have you tried the moth? Live storytelling, best stories picked, funny, sad, powerful, always a good listen..
  • @LloydDavis someone recently mentioned the night vale or something like that..tried first episodes and enjoyed…

Rob Dyson @RobmDyson

Paul Brewer @pdbrewer

Wow! Thank you all, that’s fantastic and will keep me going well beyond the next 10 days! (there’s a Desert Island Discs Archive!!!)

“Try Doorbell” a podcast with me and @robertbrook

Episode One

In which two 10-year-old boys have the house to themselves and decide to sit at the kitchen table for almost an hour pretending to be grown-ups and trying to explain to each other the strange things that go on in their heads.

It’s mostly about using outliners, especially Fargo! but we also touch on “whatever happened to Audioboo”, “I want a General-Purpose Computing Device”, “Apple’s Dropbox Countdown of Doom”. There are shownotes!

If you don’t know our voices well and you’re wondering who is who – Robert’s the one who says all the clever things.

If you like this kind of thing, we really are going to do another one, there’s a feed that should work in iTunes and all good Feed Readers/Podcatchers.

Download (52 MB)