Getting Podcast suggestions

We’re off on holiday for 10 days to Madeira. I’ve never been there. All I knew before we booked was it would be warm and it’s out in the Atlantic Ocean but north of the Canaries. Oh and it’s a wine and a cake – which is frustrating for someone who doesn’t drink wine or eat cake.

But warm, island, not London.

I asked Twitter for podcast suggestions as I need a bit of variety in my auditory diet and I expect to be lying around a lot just looking at the sea.

I said:

  • Looking for podcasts to binge on on holiday. Whatchagot? like talky stuff, philosophy of tech not “news” – ideas and laughter, not “comedy”

And Twitter said:

Mark Cotton @mcfontaine

lauren brown @sheseesred

Abbie Walker @Abstardeluxe

Kate AG @RadioKate

  • @LloydDavis have you tried the moth? Live storytelling, best stories picked, funny, sad, powerful, always a good listen..
  • @LloydDavis someone recently mentioned the night vale or something like that..tried first episodes and enjoyed…

Rob Dyson @RobmDyson

Paul Brewer @pdbrewer

Wow! Thank you all, that’s fantastic and will keep me going well beyond the next 10 days! (there’s a Desert Island Discs Archive!!!)