“Try Doorbell” a podcast with me and @robertbrook

Episode One

In which two 10-year-old boys have the house to themselves and decide to sit at the kitchen table for almost an hour pretending to be grown-ups and trying to explain to each other the strange things that go on in their heads.

It’s mostly about using outliners, especially Fargo! but we also touch on “whatever happened to Audioboo”, “I want a General-Purpose Computing Device”, “Apple’s Dropbox Countdown of Doom”. There are shownotes!

If you don’t know our voices well and you’re wondering who is who – Robert’s the one who says all the clever things.

If you like this kind of thing, we really are going to do another one, there’s a feed that should work in iTunes and all good Feed Readers/Podcatchers.

Download (52 MB)