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Time to kill my auto-spam-blog (?)

I think, anyway. I’m going to leave it for another day.

Here’s the story (the following link points to potentially nsfw material, as nsfw as reading your spam folder…):

I set this up on a whim in September 2004 as an experiment in ego-surfing and autoblogging via e-mail – I subscribed to a google alert on a search for my name and pointed it to the blog’s e-mail address so that in theory every time there was an alert, it would be blogged.

Didn’t work after the first couple of days, as you can see – I guessed it was something to do with Google’s terms but had lost interest by then anyway. And then in the last few weeks the address clearly got into some spam lists and went bananas. The timestamps are not reliable as I’m guessing they are linked to the timestamp of the spam.

So my dilemma is whether to just wash this petri dish down the drain or leave it to see what other mould accumulates – is anyone interested in this stuff?

Can you tell I hate throwing anything away? Can you imagine what my home would be like if I’d never shared it with a woman 🙂

OK, so I’m a dumbass

Well manual tagging works OK, and the Category gets picked up.

So what was missing? Well I went through the installation of the tag plugin again which was when I realised that I’d copied a default string with a dummy path into my mt.cfg file instead of one with the real path.


So now I have at least the lovely tag interface working. It still remains to be seen whether these things get picked up by technorati.

Technorati tags

Technorati tags (when they work) have proved to be a great way to bring people here. I installed a plugin to automatically turn keywords into tags, but since then I haven’t seen my posts showing up on technorati. I just took out the bit that was defining the class attribute in the link so they should look exactly as specified, and we’ll see if that has any effect.

This is by way of a slightly more interesting post than “Test post, please ignore”

Dude, where’s my blog?!?

Dunno, what’s going on – all the stuff’s still in the database, the template hasn’t changed, but the content’s just not showing up on the front page – anyone who sees this and has an idea of what’s up, could you please let me know?

[update: clearly a case of the too lightness of my recent blogging activity – the last entry was 10 days ago and I had the front page set to show 7…]
[update2: thanks to Ton for pointing me to the function that I now remember seeing when I first installed this baby, but promptly forgot – we now have the last 7 posts on the front page rather than any number of days.]