Dude, where’s my blog?!?

Dunno, what’s going on – all the stuff’s still in the database, the template hasn’t changed, but the content’s just not showing up on the front page – anyone who sees this and has an idea of what’s up, could you please let me know?

[update: clearly a case of the too lightness of my recent blogging activity – the last entry was 10 days ago and I had the front page set to show 7…]
[update2: thanks to Ton for pointing me to the function that I now remember seeing when I first installed this baby, but promptly forgot – we now have the last 7 posts on the front page rather than any number of days.]

4 thoughts on “Dude, where’s my blog?!?”

  1. Hi Lloyd,

    That’s why I decided to get rid of the date-influence. I set the template to show the last x entries, and disregard when they were posted.

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