It has come to the august attention of the Perfect Path Management Board that a couple of myths are circulating around the Perfect Path readership and clientele, relating to the availability of our lead consultant (L Davis, Esq.)
and the fees charged for our services.

Do not be fooled

The maintenance of the Perfect Path blog is a trivial exercise requiring minuscule amounts of Mr Davis’s attention and working time [you’d know this if you had a blog yourself – get one, it’s cool, it’s easy, and it’s fun – if you don’t believe me ask my mate Alison].

The man is available NOW – you could have his world-famous creative juices working for your organisation tomorrow (does not apply if reading this on Friday or Saturday). And forget any ideas about having to employ him for a whole day. If you can get his attention with a shiny cool project or problem – you can have him running around like a maniac for as little as £50 per hour.
Yes that’s
One Hour
(rate is dependent on coolness of project as measured by the Perfect Path coolometer. Rates can go up as well as even further up)

Call him now to see if your project is cool enough to qualify for our special entry-level rates.


I may never do a solid day’s work again! [Readership {groans)…what new toy have you found today Lloyd?]

I ignore you, faithful readership [at my peril, I know] but LOOK at ARTRAGE – I stumbled over it in one of the less-quoted paragraphs of Scoble’s message-in-a-bottle and


ArtRage - fan-funkin-tastic

It’s painting Jim, but not as we know it (you know, stinky, messy, gets in your hair, means you have to starve to death in a garret – or MSPaint, ’nuff said) Apparently, it works great on a std PC with a moose, but on a Tablet PC (or with a graphics tablets, sez their PR) it’s really cooool. And…it’s…free… Go see, Go get and start making a goooey mess all over your desktop.