I may never do a solid day’s work again! [Readership {groans)…what new toy have you found today Lloyd?]

I ignore you, faithful readership [at my peril, I know] but LOOK at ARTRAGE – I stumbled over it in one of the less-quoted paragraphs of Scoble’s message-in-a-bottle and


ArtRage - fan-funkin-tastic

It’s painting Jim, but not as we know it (you know, stinky, messy, gets in your hair, means you have to starve to death in a garret – or MSPaint, ’nuff said) Apparently, it works great on a std PC with a moose, but on a Tablet PC (or with a graphics tablets, sez their PR) it’s really cooool. And…it’s…free… Go see, Go get and start making a goooey mess all over your desktop.

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