Technokitten’s Irish Picnic Adventure

Gary Numan in mad eye mode

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I’ve really enjoyed seeing Helen’s pictures of the Electric Picnic coming in through her flickr stream this week.

She’s back and has just posted a write-up and it just sounds a beautiful cross between idyllic, serene and crazy ape bonkers.

“Next was Gary Numan, who was awesome. Can’t get Are Friends Electric out of my head. And he was having such a good time on stage he couldn’t help grinning. Mooched around a bit including partaking of some flavoured oxygen. Then headed over to see the Super Furry Animals who I’m sure played a great set, but I just don’t know any of their songs so it all kind of passed my by. Sarah and I discovered Tilly and The Wall who have a tap dancer instead of a drummer. Kinda curious but kinda worked I think. Then I managed a bit of Belle and Sebastian (which was surprisingly rammed) and then I headed off to Sparks who were utterly brilliant. Quickly followed by New Order (where they announced Kelly Osbourne’s wedding in the Inflatable Church), grabbed some food and then listened to Groove Armada from the comfort of our own tent.”

Flavoured oxygen??!?!? Flavoured??!!? Oxygen??!!?!!

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  1. Yep I too have come across this rather bizarre new craze that has been sweeping across clubberville. Flavoured oxygen…. it really is very bizarre. even more bizarre is that i first came across it at infosec in London….

  2. Ah yes, the flavoured oxygen. The idea is that you have 5 or 10 minutes of deep breathing of flavoured oxygen to revitalise, rebalance, get rid of a hangover or whatever. They put different essential oils in the brew so you can choose between refreshing mint or relaxing bayberry for example. You just click a switch to change flavour. There are usually 4 to choose from. I liked the mint and rosemary one best. And I did kinda feel revitalised afterwards but like I said on the picture, it might just have been psychological and/or down to deep breathing. Oh, and they throwaway the tubes you use (I guess they sterilise and recycle them or something).

    Taking flavoured oxygen

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