Everybody’s wearing my pants.

You’ve seen the Virgin Mary Toast.

And maybe the McDonalds Fake French Fry that looks like Abraham Lincoln.

So I thought I’d bring you….

The Sainsbury’s Potato Square that looks like MY PANTS!

pants 001

And now everybody’s getting in on the act – some of those girls in Heat magazine got out in the middle of the night and had a bit of a party (as they do)
pants 002pants 003pants 004

6 thoughts on “Everybody’s wearing my pants.”

  1. Oooh Kaaaaay. . . things must be slow in Pimlico. Rainy Long Weekend was obviously mind numbingly boring. You’ll need to expand your rubber-band collection to help fill in the time. . . . .

  2. Putting pant shaped crisps over pictures in a celeb mag beats my day hands down. What exciting lives your city folk lead 🙂

  3. LLoyd, we know your pants don’t look like this, we have seen them; they are red, and soooo sexy 🙂
    Gosh, now I know why you are too busy to talk to me- cruncy pant pictures are far more important ;-). Well, it did raise a chuckle, anyway, no, more than a chuckle, I think there were tears….

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