Reading… this is reading

[the title by the way will probably only mean something to travellers on the Great Western Railway]

Suw just commented on my tuttle post on open spaces that we might have a book-reading session, which reminds me that I was talking to Laura North the other day who is working on the National Year of Reading – yes, it’s now, it’s happening.

My first idea was to get people together to do some play reading – a comedy, preferably, probably something intellectually stimulating too. And short. The Real Inspector Hound for example, or maybe some Orton. I don’t know, anyway, I thought it would be fun and easy to do and eminently bloggable. Anyone?

3 thoughts on “Reading… this is reading”

  1. How about a short story as play? It isn’t funny, but something we’ve all wished for, a life with no need for sleep ‘Manhole 69’ by JG Ballard? Not much required to stage and I think it would make a fantastic play – don’t know if it’s been done before … definitely make some of the characters women, though, so we can get involved!

  2. Well Wilde’s always reliable, and perhaps apt given Reading Gaol?!?

    Anyway, I’d be happy to help with converting Ballard short story into script one night (esp. with poss. help from people like TechnoKitten who has stage background, I’ve gathered) – I suppose private reading doesn’t require approval from the Estate? I’ve no idea … though if anyone could be bothered with directing (and begging for necessary approval), this could be a wonderful option to play in fringe theatre.

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