External mic on N95

OK, so I thought everyone knew this already but it seems that it hasn’t gone as widely as I assumed.

I picked up this hack initially from Jackie Danicki at Qik who did a little video of it. That led me to google “external mic for N95” and this article

So in order to make it work you need an N95 and the TV-out cable (with mini-jack and three-way A/V connectors) that came with it. If you threw the cable away, you should be able to get one for a few quid on e-bay. Then you need a female to female phono adapter – the gold one in the picture below and a female mini-jack to male phono adapter (the black one) – both available from Maplin for a couple of quid each.


I use the external tie-clip mic that I’ve had for ages (again from Maplin I think and about £20) it’s one of those with a battery driven pre-amp. The mini-jack from the mic gets joined to the A/V cable as shown.


And err… that’s it. If you check out my post where I interviewed Oli Barrett, you’ll see an example of a video shot with this set up. I’ll try and do another one showing the difference more starkly, but there’s an example in the shelbinator article above.