External mic on N95

OK, so I thought everyone knew this already but it seems that it hasn’t gone as widely as I assumed.

I picked up this hack initially from Jackie Danicki at Qik who did a little video of it. That led me to google “external mic for N95” and this article

So in order to make it work you need an N95 and the TV-out cable (with mini-jack and three-way A/V connectors) that came with it. If you threw the cable away, you should be able to get one for a few quid on e-bay. Then you need a female to female phono adapter – the gold one in the picture below and a female mini-jack to male phono adapter (the black one) – both available from Maplin for a couple of quid each.


I use the external tie-clip mic that I’ve had for ages (again from Maplin I think and about £20) it’s one of those with a battery driven pre-amp. The mini-jack from the mic gets joined to the A/V cable as shown.


And err… that’s it. If you check out my post where I interviewed Oli Barrett, you’ll see an example of a video shot with this set up. I’ll try and do another one showing the difference more starkly, but there’s an example in the shelbinator article above.

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  1. A couple of suggestions, based on common things people run into with the set up:

    1) Remember you have to deceive the N95 slightly – when you plug the lead in, remember to tell it that you are plugging in the headset cable, even though you are using the TV one.

    2) mono and stereo. Mics and adaptors come in two types: mono and stereo. Stereo ones have three metal bands on the plug, mono ones have two. If you are using a mono mic, you’ll need a mono adaptor, likewise if you are using a stereo mic, be sure to use a stereo adaptor.


  2. Thanks, Benjamin, for remembering the details I forgot.

    IIRC Shelby says in the article I link to that you need to use a stereo mic (and therefore need a stereo adaptor) but as I don’t have a mono mic to test it with, I have no way of knowing whether that’s right or not.

  3. Basically mono mic needs a mono adaptor and a stereo one needs a stereo adaptor. The only other thing to watch is that the N95 doesn’t like certain mics. No panic – if it doesn’t like the one you have, then plug the lead into the N95 first, tell it you plugging in a headset, _then_ plug in the mic.

    It’s all much less painful than it sounds – and the adaptors are cheap, so you can’t go too wrong 🙂

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