5 thoughts on “Markets in Birmingham”

  1. Hey, that’s *Professor* Carl Chinn to you! Yes, it was a charidee auction, the ball was signed by the West Brom team and was headed over to Carl by Cyril Regis just before I started filming. Then at the end, I missed recording the bit where the bloke who’d paid 50 quid for the football, came up and said “yeah, and I’m a Villa fan”

    Only in Birmingham… 🙂

  2. Yes some history^^^ shame there’s not more of Pogus Caesar’s photos available, is there a book of his work on the Bull Ring?

  3. Birmingham photographer Pogus Caesar talking to Richard Lutz about his latest exhibition, his days filming the Bullring under construction and how his snapper-career all started.

    n.b: What a great asset for Birmingham!

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