Standing room only…


Definitely the busiest tuttle so far – we had nearly 70 people signed up on the wiki and although they didn’t all make it, the numbers were swelled by many more who hadn’t said they’d come.

For the first time, for those who still have no idea what happens at a tuttle, I did what I’ve meant to do for ages, I wandered around with my recorder and captured reactions from some of the folk. Mike doesn’t like it being called podcasting, as you’ll hear, so welcome to Tuttle Radio.

This is also for those lovely Lawsons who are clearly pining for something tuttlish.

Download (13MB)

3 thoughts on “Standing room only…”

  1. “Mike doesn’t like it being called podcasting” – BAH. I don’t care what he says it’s a podcast… The widest definition of podcast is audio or video content delviered via rss. however you cut it, it’s a podcast.

  2. Darn it – I’m intending to come to Tuttle much more often im future and only the other day had the bright idea that I might turn up with a mic and record some conversations, in a most definitely not podcast kind of way. Looks like you beat me to it…!

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