G20 Voice starting

IMG_0121Still not entirely sure what to do with this opportunity. My instinct is to look for the stuff that other people aren’t covering or noticing. So I included in my intro tags #hiddenstories.

So I expect mainstream media to lead on soap opera stuff between Brown, Obama and Sarkozy.

I expect many people to lead on the sorts of things being talked about here by Oxfam – a rescue & financial stimulus package for poorer countries.

I’m interested in how social media is actually being used to open up the conversation – you may have seen a reference to me in Rory Cellan-Jones’s post yesterday and it’s the middle bit that is interesting, how “ordinary people” who aren’t directly involved in the summit and who aren’t interested in throwing bricks at bankers can take part in the important decisions that are being made at the moment. I’m not suggesting that we can be a direct line between you and the Prime Minister or Mr President but can we be more of a two-way medium? Can we, should we, how should we be doing more than either being a reporter or being a lobbyist?

Keeping thinking and talking and listening here.

3 thoughts on “G20 Voice starting”

  1. Interesting situation Lloyd – to be given the access, but not sure how to use it and how much just attending compromises the independence of your voice. As long as you continue to say it how it is, from your perspective it can only be a productive exercise.

    It’s fantastic that you guys have all been invited in, would be nice to see something come out of the group beyond your individual updates. Or is that the wrong thing to ask for?

  2. I doubt there’ll be anything useful from the whole group together, we’re too diverse a bunch of folk. However, I will try to get something with more than just my voice 🙂

  3. Nothing wrong with your voice Lloyd, but for me one of the most interesting things is all of the different points of view in the room with you!

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