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25/09/2009I remember reading, somewhere, something like: “As a blogger, if you’re not writing enough, it’s probably because you’re not reading enough” I don’t believe that’s true, I think it probably only applies if you’re the type of blogger who only writes about what other people have written, but somehow it got stuck, wedged into the part of my brain that somehow doesn’t like me sitting and writing and publishing stuff on the web and so it gets in the way every time I go anywhere near the “New Post” button.

The same bit of my brain that lures me into Google Reader and Twitter far too often. “I need to read a little bit more and then I’ll get down to writing.”

No. The only thing that gets me writing (and I love writing, I really enjoy it and I always feel good when I’ve done some) is sitting down and writing. Reading just takes up time, gives me little ideas that get squirrelled away in my head and rattle around like acorns. They rarely get out where they were supposed to go (here, on the blog) and just add to my levels of anxiety, depression and occasional psychotic delusion – which tend, to be honest, to get in the way of writing too.


Oh that’s better.

4 thoughts on “Reading & Writing”

  1. I think it’s absolutely true. The writing thing, not the reading thing (that’s nonsense). It’s like doing exercise. Feels like a terrible nightmare before you do it, but then you do it for a couple of days… and suddenly, the more you do it, the more you want to do it. Then you stop for a while and you’re back to square one.
    Also, it seems to me that you often write here when you’re feeling a bit RAAAAA about something. I find that feeling a bit RAAAA is the most important thing of all.

  2. Yes, you’re right and I don’t want this to only be a place where I RAAAAA although I enjoy it when I do, I’d like to get back to making stuff here regularly including some gentler things 🙂

    1. I produce some of my best work (well…… my least bad work) when I’m feeling RAAAAAA. Must be something about the heightened emotions that gets the juices flowing.

      1. Well, whatever, just writing this post has helped because this morning I’ve sat down and written a whole load of stuff that’s been waiting to spill out for a while.

        Show up at the page!

        PS I’m still struggling with imagining my dear old Emu friend feeling RAAAAA about anything…

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