Still here :)

I just wanted to let you know how things are going since the last update – many, many lovely people have been in touch and are keeping in touch. I’ve had more calls and messages of support than I could have wished for.

In terms of micropatrons I’ve received £460 in one-off donations and now have £80 in monthly contributions. Everyone ticked the no-publicity box so I won’t go into details. Thanks too to those who’ve bought me lunch 🙂

This meant I was able both to get to Daren’s #openhouse on Friday night and to go down to Bude for a few days of excellent New Orleans Jazz. I got plenty of sunshine, did some busking in the mornings which lifted my spirits and more than paid for the campsite charges.

Steph Gray
sat down with me on Friday and we worked out a plan for to give me some thinking space about community projects. We also are looking at a better web presence for Tuttle Consulting.

Still open to offers on practical stuff and interesting things we might do together. You know where I am. I don’t believe one can say thank you too much. So, y’know, thanks again.