What I want to do next

Penton riseSo in all this talk about what I’ve done and why that means I’m worth supporting right now and going forwards, it’s easy to lose sight of what it is that I’m doing and want to do next. After all, I’m asking for micropatronage in order to keep working, not so that you can reward me in retrospect.

I am midway through my residency at Centre for Creative Collaboration. I’m Social Artist there and I’m starting (after 7 months…) to understand what that might mean and how I can live it best and start to generate revenue through it for myself and for the Centre. I still enjoy facilitating #tuttle on Friday mornings as part of this.

I’m hoping that I will be presenting a panel at SXSWi next March looking back at the trip some of us did this year under the banner of #tuttle2texas. In any case I am intending to do a similar trip, possibly reversing direction and starting on the West coast of the US. I’m exploring how to turn this into a sustainable way of working to explore any theme, idea or geographical space.

I enjoy performing and working as a musician and singer. While I’ve only sung and accompanied myself for a number of years, I’ve just started playing with a band. I love being part of an ensemble after playing alone for so long although it’s challenging (I don’t get to choose the keys for example!)

I’m enjoying making things for sale out of stuff that I’ve done. The first example of this is my postcards. I want to do more with writing, photography and other drawing that I’ve already created. Not only do I enjoy the initial creative work, but I enjoy the process of turning them into product and taking them to market. This should not be surprising. Markets are, after all, conversations.

And now I remember that this is supposed to be the content of my newsletter. So I leave this post as a tease and suggest you sign up for the list if you want to know more about any of these. First one next week. Promise!