Please Look After This Englishman

I think I’ve come up with a new title for this project and another way of looking at it’s theme.  It just came to me after writing about the journals – I was thinking perhaps of putting something on the front like “Please look after this journal and help it get to its destination”  And realised that the rules I’d been making were kind of in that vein too, I want it to pass through the hands of people who care.

And then isn’t that also what I want to do with myself?  It’s as if I’m abandoning myself at the beginning of the trip and allowing others to move me along, handling me with care as we go.  But it also made me think of Paddington Bear, how he becomes part of the family and has adventures, although he gets stuck where he is, he’s not trying to get anywhere.  Part of looking after the journals and looking after me is not holding on to us for too long, keeping us moving, passing us on to someone else.

What a lovely way to draw out the social network, make it visible, tangible – the people you would trust with a valuable package.

So I’m thinking of wearing a luggage label round my neck throughout the trip that just says:

“Please look after this Englishman, Thank You”

Originally posted on Tuttle2Texas2