Day 0.1

So today is the first day of the week before I leave for the US.

This time next week, I'll be on Pacific Time and though it'll feel like 11 it'll actually still only be 2pm 


I'm worn out tonight and going to bed very soon, but I've decided I need to be keeping at least some notes from now on, to keep you, my supporters and detractors aware of what's going on and also to be able to remind myself later when I come to re-tell the story.

I'm going to make a little video diary in a minute too, but not for publication yet – it's the beginnings of the movie.

So today brought another $185 of contributions to the indiegogo pot.  

There was an awful lot of tweeting and retweeting – In general, the people who get it are very supportive.  Some of those who don't get it yet are asking questions which is really useful because it's making me think, but I had a couple of prior engagements today that meant I wasn't able to respond as quickly as I'd like, I hate writing posts saying I'm going to blog about this tomorrow, but that's what I'm going to do.

I drew the attention today of @paul_a_smith aka @twitchhiker who did something similar but waaaaay more ambitious a couple of years ago – Somebody else had asked  about this privately too , so I'm writing a post about the question of whether and how you should do something if it's "already been done".

@hubmum asked whether it was "a charity thing or fund my holiday" I replied that it's neither, it's a performance piece, a writing and film-making project.  This needs some more explanation too.

@techfluffTV want to do an interview with me before I go, so I'm going to do that tomorrow

I had an approach from someone working with a car-rental firm in the states about potential support.  Thank you! Sadly I don't have a driving licence as I've never taken a test so that's not going to work unless I take my own driver with me 🙂  Still looking for interesting ways to interact with brands large and small on this.

Right, enough.  I'm making a rule that I'm in bed before midnight this week and tonight well before…
Tell me if something else happened  today that you think I should have mentioned!  

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