Keep Helping Me Solve It

The one thing I want to learn from The American Trip is that asking for help in this way really works.  Also that sticking with the process, no matter what, is what makes for the most amazing experiences.

So here are the elements of today’s conundrum.  

On the debit side:

  • I have no paid work at the moment, nor any lined up.
  • I am behind with my rent and some other bills for last month as I didn’t raise enough to cover my overhead back here while I was travelling.
  • Though I’ve paid the slew of 1st of the month bills, I’m now running short of cash for day-to-day expenses.

On the credit side:

  • I have just had an amazing adventure, the type of journey that most people never get to make in their lives.
  • I have learned from and been inspired by countless other artists, entrepreneurs and creative people during the last month.
  • I have a great number of stories, ideas, photographs, bits of audio and video from the trip that I’d like to make something meaningful from.  There is at least some analysis of the value and flows of social capital and a broader narrative about the style of travelling as a metaphor for the future of work and organisations.  There are doubtless other products in there that I haven’t started to draw out yet.
  • I’ve continually expanded my network among people I’ve met on the road  

I can imagine immediate flow coming from the following directions:

  • Paid gigs (part- or full-time) doing what I do or something else you’ve seen me do.
  • Micropatronage or sales of music.
  • One-off Donations, perhaps from people who enjoyed watching #plate11 as the live bit unfolded and would like to see more but didn’t get round to contributing earlier.

And then there are sales of what I can produce from the trip as well as looking at grant funding in the longer term.

A big lesson of the last month is not to let my imagination limit what can actually happen.

I have no more doubt that the answers will come, one way or another, than I had that you could help me get from San Francisco to New York City via all sorts of adventures just over a month ago.

And so I thank you, once again.





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