Learning Pool & That T-Shirt

Here’s me in my Learning Pool t-shirt while I was in New Orleans.  Ray Nichols kindly took me along to an event called “Be The Change: A Celebration of New Orleans Social Entrepreneurs”.  It was great – a few hundred energetic people, all full of big ideas about how to change their bit of the world.  We talked and talked and talked.  

As full disclosure, Learning Pool gave me the t-shirt and $200 towards the trip.  In return I said I’d wear the shirt and let people know (including through this blog post) what i thought about their new product mylearningpool.  Oh, and I had some promotional postcards to give to people who might be interested in the product at SXSW and other places I went.

I’ve known Dave Briggs, their Community Evangelist for as long as I’ve known anyone on the social web and I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the founders, Mary and Paul better since I met Mary at the UK GovCamp in 2010. What impresses me about every “Poolie” I meet is their passion for understanding how to create value for their customers, coupled with their commitment to improve public services.

They have a wide range of Learning and Development products for public sector organisations but their new baby is mylearningpool, a collection of (currently) 20 or so online courses for all sorts of people in social enterprises or the voluntary sector.  They cover basic skills for individuals such as:

  • using social media
  • finding a new job
  • presentation skills
  • personal health and safety

but also modules on subjects like:

  • procurement
  • customer service
  • technology and change
  • managing stress
  • data protection

New modules are being added all the time, I’m told.  And I’m sure the content will be updated regularly.  The modules I saw in the demo were easy to work through and learn from but the thing that caught everyone’s eye when I spoke to them about it was the price – £25 in the UK, $40 in the USA – in general, people’s attitude was: “Well at that price, you only need one of them to be any good and you’ve got value for your money”

Originally posted on Please Look After This Englishman