@missrogue on getting real

Tara Hunt talks about the honesty behind the honesty of that TEDx talk:

“I was scared to give it. I’m still scared every time I send it to someone. I’m not talking about my success or all of the awesome things I’ve accomplished in that talk. I’m talking about struggling, failing, not knowing where I’m going, being delusional, stumbling, breaking down and generally being a mess. Sure, I give a little upbeat Apple Ad bit at the end of the talk so I can end it on a hopeful note. It’s the same upbeat talk I give myself at the end of every single day.”

Yesterday I heard someone say “Fear can either stand for ‘Fuck Everything And Run’ or ‘Face Everything And Recover'”  I laughed because I recognise that I’m currently about 80:20 on that – most of the time I will still run.  I’m keen, in public, to make the most of the times I face things, but honesty really gets me further than hiding the fact that I fell short again. 

Confession really is good for the soul, who’da thunk it?  The more I admit to having screwed up… again.  Doh! AND AGAIN and really, still not having a clue, but getting up every morning and trying again to do the right thing today, then the better I feel and the more warmth and love and understanding and close connection I see around me – oh, and that’s what I’m in it for – that’s success.


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