Ukulele as social object

photo: kittygutz

When I was travelling, I got into the habit of taking my ukulele out with me most days (actually this started happening much more during SXSW when Sarah, Dan and Phil encouraged early morning crooning in the car while heading downtown).  Not only did simply having an instrument in my hand prove to be a bridge to unexpected conversations with strangers, I also would whip it out and give people a song or two. People loved it… even English people!  It became an important part of my social currency.

An important thing that Taylor told me in New York was to make sure I kept doing some of the things I’d learned to do on the road, just for practice, just to see what happens.

I would not dream of carrying my uke around everywhere in London and giving people songs. Nope. Never.

God. How. Embarrassing.

So I may have to just start, now I’m home, to see what happens.


Originally posted on Please Look After This Englishman