Micropatronage again

I want to clear something up from this post that I wrote a few weeks ago about how things are going.

This is my blog, it’s my way of talking to the world.  It has been since 2004.  A lot of the value of it is that I’m myself here, I talk about what I really think – many people contacted me privately to say they were going through or had been through similar experiences.  That’s why I write about such things, it helps me understand what I’m thinking better and it helps other people through identification.

Some people consider blogs to be just another media outlet or a marketing tool.  This blog is those things but not in a traditional way.  To me, the marketing function it serves is about building relationships and key elements in that are honesty, authenticity and a willingness to show vulnerability.  

When I write about having very little money and the difficulties that causes me and then I write about the ways that you can support me, it can become a bit confusing. I realise that to some people it can look like I’m begging and using emotional pulls to get you to bung me a few quid.  

That’s not my intention.  When I suggest you might like to be a micropatron, I’m still suggesting that you do so for the reasons I outlined when I started it.  I’m not asking you to pay me because you feel sorry for me or because you’re worried about me (though I know that that’s an effect for people who care), but because you value the work that I do and you want to support it above and beyond paying for stuff directly like my music or coming to see my show.   

Today is just as good a day as any to sign up or make a one-off donation 🙂

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