Solve it while I sniffle #llobo

I’ve got a cold, or something after a weekend in the woods at the Dark Mountain Festival.  This is highly unusual for me but I’m sure it’ll be gone after a day sleeping it off…

I need some help sorting out this week please.

I’m going to be in London all day on Tuesday.  Then I’m heading to Bude for the annual Jazz Festival on Saturday.  So I need something to do/somewhere to be from Tuesday night to Saturday morning inclusive, preferably in somewhere that makes sense between London & Cornwall.  

I’ve been having quite a bit of slack time of late (and I’ve a week at the seaside next week) so some work would come in handy, but if you’ve no work, just a kipping place and a desire to have me around, that would be lovely too.

Let me know through the usual channels 🙂


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