#llobo FAQ #1 “When are you coming back?”

It’s interesting to me how many times the same questions come up as I hobo my way around.  I thought I’d do a series of posts answering some of them.

“So, when are you coming back?”

This one reveals an assumption about what I’m doing, that it’s a thing, it’s a project, it had a beginning and will have an end and then it will be over.  And that the timescale is predetermined.  Also that when I finish, I will return to London and perhaps pick up where I left off. It’s also tied in with an assumption that I’m avoiding London at other times.  When I am in London, and I see people they say “Oh, you’re back!”  I don’t see it like that, I always see myself as passing through.

I can’t say when I’m coming back, because I don’t know whether I am “coming back”. I don’t know what comes next, I don’t know how long I’ll be living like this. I will stop when I’m ready to do something else.

Some people find these answers alarming, some find them reassuring.

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