Solve it while I strum & sizzle #llobo (what to do next week?)

I’m in Bude, Cornwall and perhaps unlike much of the rest of the UK, it’s very much still summer here.  When I poked my head out of the tent this morning, all I could see was mist and the sort of cloud that quickly gets burned off to reveal a glorious sun-shiney day.  Hurrah! Pass the factor 57!

I’ve had a tremendous time down here for the annual New Orleans Jazz Festival.  I had a jam with some friendly folk down by the canal this morning and when I’ve posted this, I’ll be busking in the High St – it’s all go and my ukulele fingers are a bit numb 🙂 


Next week!

I’m coming back to London tomorrow.  I’ll be staying in Epsom with the kids tomorrow night but then I’ll be looking for somewhere to stay & something to do from Sunday night onwards.  At the moment, I have nothing else in the book until 14th September when I’m MC-ing at Learning Pool’s Community Day.  So get scheming folks and find me something useful to do for 10 days till then (earning some cash wouldn’t go amiss).

Primary need at the moment is somewhere to sleep in London on Sunday night (I’ve some stuff to do in town on Monday) but thereafter the sky (or perhaps the borders of the UK) are the limit!  Think about it, come up with something that’ll knock my socks off!

Thank you 🙂

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