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I’ve had it with hibernation, even though snow arrived in London this weekend, it’s time for me to start moving and grooving again – Let’s do some work together! 🙂

I learned something really important in the last six months of last year: I’m really, really happy with this lifestyle – I like being in London, I like having a base here, but I also really like moving around the country a lot.  I also love working with people on what they’re doing.  Whether that’s facilitating large groups of people to get things done, or helping a smaller group to have interesting conversations (both of which I did at the recent UK GovCamp) or working with individuals one-to-one on what it is that they really want to do and supporting them in getting to do it, it’s the being there that is when I can be most valuable.

I’ve also really enjoyed performing.  I’ve done street busking again for the first time in a few years and I devised a show around last year’s American trip which I’ve done five or six times now.  I’ve got a new show that I’m trying out tomorrow night.

So that’s what I’d like to keep doing please, just with more cashflow associated with it 🙂

Give me a shout if you’d like my help with any of the following:

Facilitation for an unconference – I’m a very confident and competent holder of Open Space type events. According to Dave Briggs who hired me for GovCamp, I’m “a legend, a master facilitator and the most calming influence ever.

I can do more structured and pre-planned stuff too, but I’m happiest working with people to create their own agenda on the day and help them do the amazing stuff that self-organising allows.  Maybe you should rethink one of the days of your upcoming team awayday?

One-to-one work – coaching, mentoring, business strategy, critical friendliness whatever you want to call it, I will spend a few hours with you regularly to help you get done what you need to do.  It’s not classic business coaching, we won’t create a rigid structure of visions, aims and goals and mechanical tasks to achieve them (I’ve seen that end in tears, including my own, too often) – I treat you as a human being and a peer and make gentle suggestions. Mike Oh of TechSuperPowers recently saidYesterday, @lloyddavis helped me find the secret sauce for creating a ‘startup culture’ in my 20 year old company. Excellent session.

I’d also like to try out “Human Scale Conversations” with some teams or groups within organisations.  It’s a development of this idea from a while back.  Again at GovCamp, Catherine Howe said…I got a huge amount from his Human Scale conversation” and Martin Howitt said that the session “…challenged me in a completely unexpected way” and Philip McAllister stayed all day: “Thank you, that was enjoyable. It felt like a bold experiment and was really enriching.”  I think it’s most useful to people who spend their professional time trying to get others to talk to each other, or more generally people who’d like to improve their experience of being in meetings at work.

If you’d like me to come along and do a gig at your home or a local community venue, I’d love to talk to you about it, whether it’s straight ukulele and singing, “Please Look After This Englishman” or “All of Me

I’m very happy to travel anywhere you need me as long as we can agree a fee and expenses. I’m not being as hardcore as before – I love staying with people I’m working with, but I’m happy to accept accommodation expenses if putting me up in someone’s home is too tricky.

PS this is not to say that I’m not open to anything else that you might have in mind for me, if you know what you want, talk to me.  If you don’t know what you want but think it might involve some “lloydness” talk to me. Just talk to me, I don’t growl or bite (if you call between the hours of 10am and 4pm).

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