public/private space and the web

Re-reading that bit from the Space Hijackers that I pointed to in the previous post, I kept coming back to this:

"If you’re a local council, selling off land to private developers is an easy way to raise capital. But the undermining of social liberties that comes with these sales is unprecedented. Take the construction of the Olympic village in Stratford for example. It’s an entirely privately owned complex. Although there will be public space, shops and entertainment, there will also be robotic CCTV drones monitoring everyone coming and going – thousands of cameras watching your every move, a ban on begging, busking, skateboarding, hoodies, public assembly, protest, loitering and much much more. Everything that makes our city so vibrant is drained out of the space and replaced with a 2D image of a city. Unless you're shopping you're not welcome."

and how the same thing is happening to the web, the privatisation of *our* data, the recording of our exhaust trails, the move from a place where conversation happens and interesting things are born to being just another passive, entertainment and shopping channel.

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