Another Happy Return

6709-011Here we are again, then. 48 feels so much nicer than 47, 47 is an unwrangleable prime, it’s great to be 2x2x2x2x3.  My 16th birthday (feels like yesterday) was a third of  the way here.

My mood is tempered by my need this morning for emergency dental treatment.  The pain has been creeping up on me for weeks, but I didn’t get round to making a call until yesterday morning and midday today was the earliest I could get to see someone.

I went for antibiotics and painkillers rather than immediate root canal surgery just before Christmas…

This therefore qualifies as my first real middle-aged birthday post as it’s dominated by news of my health 🙂

Otherwise, I’m having a lovely day: sausages with candles in them for breakfast, courtesy of Miss Laura Musgrave.  An hour-long massage at Wandsworth’s finest and then the traditional watching of “It’s A Wonderful Life” on a big screen.

I’m also a bit overexcited about my new project for the new year, I hope lots of you will join in – more of that next week.