Connecting to Fargo

This is a not a very interesting post demonstrating something that’s a bit mind-blowing. I’m writing this in Fargo, the web-based HTML5 outliner from Dave Winer’s new company. It hit version 0.54 today and now includes posting to a wordpress blog.

So I’m trying it out. I mean, I’m trying out the wordpress functionality – I’ve been playing with Fargo for a little while now. It has all the thought-organising outlining power of the OPML Editor but it just sits on a web page and stores the actual text file in my Dropbox account. This means I don’t have to start up a separate app and I can keep a bunch of outlines open at all times in the place where I’m doing most of my work – the files are autosaved every now and then (I just saw “SAVE” pop up in the sidebar)

Another thing I really value is the way new features are introduced. I haven’t had to install anything new (just give the page my blog details) and nothing is broken since earlier on today before the new version came in – I just reopened my browser and my outlines were there, just the same.