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This is a not a very interesting post demonstrating something that’s a bit mind-blowing. I’m writing this in Fargo, the web-based HTML5 outliner from Dave Winer’s new company. It hit version 0.54 today and now includes posting to a wordpress blog.

So I’m trying it out. I mean, I’m trying out the wordpress functionality – I’ve been playing with Fargo for a little while now. It has all the thought-organising outlining power of the OPML Editor but it just sits on a web page and stores the actual text file in my Dropbox account. This means I don’t have to start up a separate app and I can keep a bunch of outlines open at all times in the place where I’m doing most of my work – the files are autosaved every now and then (I just saw “SAVE” pop up in the sidebar)

Another thing I really value is the way new features are introduced. I haven’t had to install anything new (just give the page my blog details) and nothing is broken since earlier on today before the new version came in – I just reopened my browser and my outlines were there, just the same.

4 thoughts on “Connecting to Fargo”

  1. Lloyd, thanks for sharing your impressions of Fargo. 🙂

    I love reading comments like this from people using the product.

    It helps me get a feel for how it’s working, what ideas are getting through, where we have more work to do.

    Back in the day when software came in shrinkwrap boxes I’d read stacks of regcards religiously. We always left a big area where people could say whatever they wanted. We also asked for phone numbers, so if I was reading a regcard and wondered what they meant, I could just dial the number and ask. People were generally happy to talk, and were happy to hear from the CEO of the company.

    It’s so important to get the whole experience of the product, or as close to the whole experience as you can.

    1. Dave, you’re welcome, thanks for slimming the product down and introducing it gently like this. I’m glad to see your work coming to fruition.

      One thing that came up when I responded to someone who commented somewhere else was this:

      I really appreciate being able to repurpose my writing as it evolves – I often write something for some other purpose and then think “Oh this needs to be a post” – this makes it a lot easier for me to focus on writing and thinking rather than where it’s going to end up. Thanks again. I’m looking forward to seeing what else unfolds 🙂

  2. I’ve just tried Fargo, and I’ll admit I don’t get it.

    This might be because I use Evernote a lot, and I am not sure what Fargo would give me that Evernote can’t.

    One thing that strikes me is that, because it works in a browser, I doubt it would work offline – one of the (many) great things about Evernote. I haven’t tried using Fargo offline, though.

    This was only a cursory try, though; I may come back to it!

    1. By the way, I realise my response may appear ungrateful – not my intention at all!

      Indeed, I really appreicate that you took the trouble to introduce Fargo – finding out whats works personally and what doesn’t is always useful!

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