Barcamp Berkshire day 2 thought & link dump #bcb13

I’m always tempted to stay overnight, but I’ve never actually done it. I may not have slept perfectly last night anyway, but I’m sure it was better than lying on a corporate head office meeting room floor.

People did come to my early morning session on “the future of blogging?” despite being up against an eight-year-old girl.

It helped me recognise what it is that I want – a bunch of people who are broadly interested in the same things, but actively eating their own dogfood. Tom Morris helped draw this out further in his session on indieweb. Tom, for example, has stripped back his blogging input box so that it’s almost the original Twitter “What are you doing ?” box – except it accepts Markdown and more than 140 characters 🙂 There’s an indiewebcamp in Portland, OR, next weekend (June 22/23) and a UK one in Brighton on Sep 8th

The main reason I’m interested in a good RSS reader is not that I’m a writer who wants other people to read, it’s that I want to be able to find and read stuff in a non-fragmented way without having to scour FB, Twitter, Tumblr *and* Son of Google Reader.

It got me thinking too about archiving and my current ongoing project to draw all my stuff together under my own domain.

There was a small but lively discussion about bitcoin. Things got most heated during the discussion about forking…

I bumped into Ketan who’d brought in this and, usefully, an early viewmaster that had batteries to backlight the screen.

After a deliciously substantial lunch I did an impromptu (well, I did put it on the grid) meeting room gig, which was much like a house gig, but, y’know with a big table, uncomfortable chairs, a whiteboard’n’shit.

And I rounded off with a geek dive into Rail API data with Paul Freeman

A really good barcamp, well-balanced for me in terms of giving and receiving. I’m feeling refreshed, encouraged and inspired. Thanks to all who played a part in making it happen.