Frameworks for Social Artists #htb2013

Sometimes I don’t really know what I think until I write it down and show it to other people. That’s what happened with my blogpost yesterday – I realised how little I really had decided about this and how much more there was to define.

One thing is to get thinking about what social artists actually do. I’ve been thinking about how to express this for myself for a while of course. But I’ve given it some more attention lately while I’ve been rebuilding my personal web site.

In thinking about what *I* do, I’ve also been talking and thinking about how it applies to other people I know who do similar work.

  • I’ve put my work into four main areas:
    • Social Art & Research
      • This is the stuff where we’re pushing boundaries and finding new things out. Tuttle was like this at the start. It probably still is really. Tuttle2Texas and Please Look After This Englishman were research projects looking at social capital and the value of social networking etc.
    • Consulting
      • This has been my core business skill. For a while it was focused on social reporting and making media. More recently it became closer to coaching for individuals or small teams. I’ve not done so much of late mainly because I prefer to work in a team rather than alone. Making something useful of the Tuttle Consulting work we did remains a goal.
    • Events & Entertainment
      • Tuttle, yes, but also the unconference and open space facilitation that I do. And events as research or consulting product – for example with Please Look After This Englishman I devised a one-man-show to present afterwards.
    • Publications
      • This has been an aspiration for a while. I think what I’m drawn to most in this project is seeing how people who write a lot and take pictures a lot and make music a lot can turn those things into products, create their own long-tail of books, e-books, posters, prints etc. both by creating new work but also re-using an re-mixing what we’ve already done.
  • What do you think of these four areas?
  • Do they work for you as a way of organising your own work?
  • I’ve used them to start to organise my website – have a look and give me some feedback.
  • What other categorisations do you use?

Bringing #tuttle to The Barbican for #htb2013

As I’m here a lot, I thought it might be nice to shake the Tuttle crowd up a little while making it more accessible to Shoreditch/Tech City types.

So we’ll be in the Barbican foyer every Friday in August, just turn up and have coffee (there’s a Costa here) and chat – same format as we’ve had for five years 🙂  There’s plenty going on every day so you’ll find interesting things around the place afterwards too.

Come along – bring a pal 🙂

Since #htb2013 is using Lanyrd for the schedule there’s the added bonus of sign-up pages – you know how you like a good sign-up!

They’re here, one for each week – such abundance!

Fri 9th

Fri 16th

Fri 23rd

Fri 30th