Tuttle Links for August 16th #htb2013

Tabs left open after Tuttle today, ie things I looked at or showed people.

Bromsgrove Silver Jubilee Parade (video 3 mins)

Barbican 1969 (video 20 mins)

The Garner Innovation/Hype Cycle (image)

In Business: Regenerating Margate (iplayer audio 30 mins)

FreakyTrigger (website)

Bob Dylan’s bait & switch

Unmoored (website)

ArtAngel (website)

Joanna Zylinska (biog)

Bachelard (wikipedia)

Rebecca Solnit (wikipedia)

Nuts In May (video 1h 21m)

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (wikipedia)

Mark Sinker (website)

Joining the dots is left as an exercise for the reader and her imagination.