What I Like About Podcasts

As a listener

  • I like listening to other people’s conversations
    • and not having to contribute. That’s what I do at #tuttle, I sit and eavesdrop, with permission.
  • I like imagining that the person is talking directly to me
    • which they kind of are – it’s a bit like Stephen King saying that writing is a form of telepathy. Someone sits in their room or walks in the park, talking about their stuff, what they think, what they’ve seen and then somewhere else, some other time, I pick it up and listen and it’s like they’re talking to me.

As a podcaster

  • I like performing
    • Whether it’s impromptu and extemporized or planned and rehearsed, I love showing off… until someone starts throwing fruit – then I sulk.
  • I like explaining things
    • I’ve only just realised this. You know how people say “I saw Judy Garland when I was four years old and I knew…!”
    • Well, for me it was James Burke and Connections. But somehow it seemed safer and more rational for someone to say “I want to wear ruby slippers and make the whole world laugh and cry at the same time” than “I want to learn how the world works, how the world got like it is and and explain to people where it might be going”
    • But that’s what I really like doing. That’s who I want to be when I grow up.

So I’m slowly organising my co-conspirators, other people who are interested in how the world works. Some of them even understand bits of it. I’m going to be talking to them in the presence of a recording device and then sharing the conversation with you.

Keep listening.