Suggest a theme for next month’s Tuttle Moonthly

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In November I decided to switch my Patreon to supporting a monthly collaboration journal called Tuttle Moonthly to be published on (or as near as poss to) the full moon. It’s been a great way of focusing myself on what I’m most interested in, where I’m actually at with collaborative work and thinking about what it might mean to revive the Centre for Creative Collaboration.

I’m going to carry on doing Tuttle Moonthly but I’m going to take it off the patreon and shift that to people supporting my vlog. First reason is that it doesn’t seem fair to make the collaborative thing something that people pay to support – it should be that if you’re collaborating on stuff with me that makes money, we should have a better way of sharing that money or at least benefiting from it. So there’s a built-in barrier both to funding and collaboration. The other thing I realised is that the vlog is the thing that people are actually fans of – British modesty and self-deprecation aside, people consistently say that they like the vlog, where as Moonthly is something I want to do and needs some nurturing to get going. I think they work better the other way round.

So what to do about the Moonthly this full moon, given that I’ve also been bunged up and not very sociable for most of December and early January? Well I will pull together something to represent what I’ve done and I’m also thinking about a monthly project for people to encourage people to work on with me as well as what I’m thinking generally about collaboration, work I’m doing etc. It would be nice to have a challenge for people to work on month by month if they want to. Yeah?

So, your first task is to help me with defining a challenge for this coming moonth. Next full moon after this week is February 11th. I’m looking for fun things or a theme to focus on that we can do together – opportunities, not obligations – something I can mention to people when we meet, something you can contribute to through a variety of media, and something that’s more when we do it together rather than lots of individual contributions pulled together (although I will put aside some time each month to pull something together).

Whatcha think? What theme would like to work on for Jan/Feb?

3 thoughts on “Suggest a theme for next month’s Tuttle Moonthly”

  1. I look forward to exploring some of these ideas with you Lloyd next time I’m at Tuttle.

    I’d also like to challenge some of your thinking around why you should not get paid for something to which you and others will contribute.

    Think about Etherium. Everyone in Etherium (are they called members?) benefits from it in the same way. But some of them also belong in a core group that enables Etherium to exist and cares about how that happens. It is recognised that doing so takes time and effort and they need to be rewarded in some way.

    There is a lot of muddled thinking about this – which is one reason why so many social innovators burn out and/or are so short of money. More here on why I think you should feel fine about using Patreon towards Moonthly – Us and “Networks as a driver of system change? ” by Catherine Howe –

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you Pam, I’m sure we’ll talk at Tuttle soon (though I’m not there on the 20th)

      I remember reading this from Catherine when she wrote it, it’s good and thought provoking. I never got deeply in enough to respond to her with resonances with my experience of Tuttle.

      I do feel OK about accepting support for doing Moonthly, much better than I felt about accepting it for Tuttle when I started that. But I think I’m still going to switch and see how Moonthly can make a different space and setting it just a bit free-er for now feels right.

      I appreciate the thoughts and your ongoing support. See you soon.

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