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Make your mark with a doughnut

Back in November (gasp! time flies) I told you about Oli’s latest socially-entrepreneurial wheeze: Make your mark with a Tenner

Pigeons are now coming home according to the FT:

Six months later, more than three-quarters of the money has been paid back, a success rate that would delight most early stage business investors.

The biggest profit was £410, generated by a student at east London’s Walthamstow School for Girls, who set up a homemade doughnut business, persuading a local shop to donate ingredients.

She returned the £10 to The Entrepreneur Channel, a satellite television station that funded the scheme, and donated the rest to various charities.

The average profit from the 50 biggest earning schemes was £99.33, according to Mr Barrett.

Yay Oli! Yay Doughnuts! Yay Walthamstow!

Social Media in the NHS

june07 120One of my current projects is for the newly re-organised Primary Care Trust in Surrey. They are looking at how they can use social media to engage better with local people through the web, as a complement to their other media activities.

I’ve started a blog with a flickr account and video storage on and so far published some short pieces on activities around National Falls Awareness Day last month.

It’s still very early days, but I’m interested in your thoughts on this. We’ve started off doing things the way that the Trust knows how to do things – that is, get your journalist/photographer to go along to an event and report on it. I’m honestly not sure whether this is playing it too safe, or if trying to do something more radical would be too much too soon.

I’m aware that the stuff that’s up at the moment is quite provider-focused. I’m putting together more that gives the service-user/patient voice but I think I’m too close to it at the moment to know whether these are truly interesting or not so if I’m missing anything that you think is obvious do let me know.

Katie gets it

Ladles & Jellyspoons,

give a big blogosphere welcome to Katie Ledger who has quietly started making some social media, firstly with her blog which has been running for a month or so now and now with her youtube debut on the Government’s Nursery Education Grant where she interviews the owner of a local nursery school on how the NEG (you couldn’t make this stuff up could you?) is having, shall we say, some unintended consequences.

The Social Media Club motto is “If you get it, share it”

I prefer “If you get it, MAKE it… and share it”

Nice one, Katie 🙂

A long Monday

BarcelonaWow. Toto, I don’t think we’re in Pimlico any more…

I realised today that my Monday mornings are not that bad normally – I was out early and saw a lot of people looking like they really didn’t want to go to work this morning.

I was particularly happy and excited because I was on my way to Gatwick to take a flight to Barcelona as I’m working with the very nice guys at to live-blog the World Healthcare Congress through to Wednesday. I’ve never been to Spain before so it’s really cool and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get some sunshine and walk down to the sea at least once before I go back to London.

I’m amazed that I’m sitting here now blogging this when pretty much all I’ve done this afternoon is sit and type. It’s a really interesting conference with a very diverse bunch of participants. Today the afternoon was mainly introduction – we got a welcome from the Minister for Health in Catalonia before a session on improving performance which raised for me two main lines of interest – how to improve quality while reducing cost and how to deal with the chronic illnesses that consume the most money.

I’m writing at – do go over and have a look. Perhaps those of my readers with a public policy bent would like to join in the conversation too when I get into the swing of writing, tomorrow. I’m hoping to get some podcasts and videoblogs done too.

I really must slope off to bed now as there’s a breakfast meeting at 0730, which of course is 0630 BST but since my body’s still really on GMT will feel like 0530

Public Policy 2.0

David points to the RSA/Policy Unplugged Conference that’s taking place on Thursday morning. I’m going to be there too, doubtless with recording equipment again – though I share David’s scepticism about how easy it will be to get a word in edgeways with the impressive list of people who are coming to speak about the heady mix of democracy, politics, policy and web-enabled mass collaboration.

It’s free, and it seems there are places left, but you need to register