A long Monday

BarcelonaWow. Toto, I don’t think we’re in Pimlico any more…

I realised today that my Monday mornings are not that bad normally – I was out early and saw a lot of people looking like they really didn’t want to go to work this morning.

I was particularly happy and excited because I was on my way to Gatwick to take a flight to Barcelona as I’m working with the very nice guys at corante.com to live-blog the World Healthcare Congress through to Wednesday. I’ve never been to Spain before so it’s really cool and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get some sunshine and walk down to the sea at least once before I go back to London.

I’m amazed that I’m sitting here now blogging this when pretty much all I’ve done this afternoon is sit and type. It’s a really interesting conference with a very diverse bunch of participants. Today the afternoon was mainly introduction – we got a welcome from the Minister for Health in Catalonia before a session on improving performance which raised for me two main lines of interest – how to improve quality while reducing cost and how to deal with the chronic illnesses that consume the most money.

I’m writing at http://www.worldhealthcareblog.org/ – do go over and have a look. Perhaps those of my readers with a public policy bent would like to join in the conversation too when I get into the swing of writing, tomorrow. I’m hoping to get some podcasts and videoblogs done too.

I really must slope off to bed now as there’s a breakfast meeting at 0730, which of course is 0630 BST but since my body’s still really on GMT will feel like 0530

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  1. Dear, o dear. . .what torture. . .Barthelona in the Spring. Musta been pure hell. Pimlico must seem an oasis comparatively. . .;-}

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