4 groups, types or characteristics at Uploading

P2240024I was going to go into big detail on the four types or groups of people – or perhaps they are characteristics found within individuals that I noticed at the Uploading Innovation unconference on Tuesday, but I think I’ll just present them for now and maybe fill in the detail later.

The four elements I saw coming together more than I have done at other events are People People, Geeks, Capitalists and Philosophers.

People People – who focus on the social nature of collaboration, what it means to us as individuals and as groups of people

Geeks – who focus on technological facilitation of collaboration, what machines can do for us

Capitalists – who focus on making new businesses, how to make more money out of collaboration

Philosophers – who focus on the ideas and constructing theories about what this all means for the human race

Having contributions from all of these, rather than just one dominant group was one of the things that made the conversations on the day all the more interesting and productive. Thankfully most of those who came were aware of their shortcomings and there weren’t too many know-it-alls (my prejudice is that this is a geek trait – people people, capitalists and philosophers are willing to admit that they could know more about the tech, but some geeks insist that they also know everything about people, money and ideas) [ducks for cover]

Public Policy 2.0

David points to the RSA/Policy Unplugged Conference that’s taking place on Thursday morning. I’m going to be there too, doubtless with recording equipment again – though I share David’s scepticism about how easy it will be to get a word in edgeways with the impressive list of people who are coming to speak about the heady mix of democracy, politics, policy and web-enabled mass collaboration.

It’s free, and it seems there are places left, but you need to register