All Marketers are Liars

P3120116I went to the absolutely packed to the gills, no room to swing a copy of Campaign or whatever these folk read, Coffee Morning at Breakfast Club Soho on Friday. A cracking hour and a half, not too long; plenty of opportunities for me to ponce about being a social media tart – explaining that this means I wander around Soho trying to make old men very happy – charming everyone with my moo cards and meeting a whole bunch of lovely people. I’m sure, in his self-effacing way, he frowns upon people calling it Russell Davies’s Coffee Morning, but it is very definitely his. Next one’s on 30th March at the same venue.

Note that you can tell it’s for advertising planners as they serve Fruit & Fib.

Lloyd’s slow Torification part 1

Daily Telegraph News RoomThis is the new Daily Telegraph news room which I had the privilege of seeing at the end of last week. I’d seen the bit on BBC News the other week where some poor Torygraph hack was shown having to make a podcast and video interview in addition to writing a story and complaining that this meant he didn’t have the lunches he’d been used to, but I’d forgotten until I started writing this that ironically for such a bastion of the establishment, the Telegraph was remarkable for being one of the first papers on the web. Nice to meet Shane Richmond & Ian Douglas and interesting to think about the new premises as a possible venue for a Social Media Club.