A treat for aural masochists

P3110100So after Open Coffee and a meeting up in Islington, I took a stroll and rambled on to myself into my recorder about what a busy and exciting day I was having – I touch on Open Coffee, Theatre Blogging, Social Media Club and the Nomads, all this while navigating the wilds of N1 (it really is grim up north london)

Open Coffee

open coffeeI could only make half an hour at Saul Klein’s Open Coffee yesterday but managed to talk to John Hornbaker, Nic Brisbourne, a guy looking for investors for his food social network and Euan before striding off north-eastwards to see a prospect. It was a really buzzing affair – I’m definitely going again next week with more time to spare – it still is bizarre to walk through the practically empty shop up to the Starbucks upstairs which was packed full of blue jeans & blazers and a smattering of black t-shirts. A great example of the power of face to face that Kathy Sierra’s talking about today.