Down the frog & toad

P3140133I try to make out that I don’t care about animals. I casually take the mickey out of Gia for her cat blog I have to admit it’s really because I’m a big softy and can’t bear to get too involved with the little darlings.

So I was lost this evening when I came across this little fella in St George’s Square, just outside Pimlico School. He was just hopping across the pavement and I could neither encourage him to hop back into the School nor very effectively keep him out of the road where he wanted to go and would undoubtedly be squished. I told him to go and stand by the wall and keep away from people’s feet, but I’m worried that next time I go out there there’ll be toad guts all over the place.

The party’s over…

P3140138For a few weeks earlier this year there were parties over the road in the Villa Elephant on the River. Every Saturday hordes of young people would arrive from about midnight onwards and the sound system would start up with bass booming through the night. At least that’s what I’m told happened. I always sleep like a log and so missed even the loudest bits every week.

Then a couple of weeks ago we got a letter through the door saying that the police were going to make sure nothing happened and that week and last weekend, all was quiet. But about 8.00 tonight we saw this scene where the police seemed to be making sure that the sound system and all the kit was packed away in a big van. The police have gone, but the party organisers are back out on the street, occasionally remonstrating with each other. Later on, it might get interesting if people arrive for the party but have to be turned away.

update: apparently this is what was supposed to happen (seen on MAXX’s myspace)

klewless pruf ridder rekwired

wagamamama voucherJust got this.

1. What does “only original vouchers accepted” mean in this context? Do I have to dial up my mail on my phone and show the waiter the pic? Or am I allowed to print it out. If I can print it out, what’s to stop me printing out 50 and giving them to my friends? And what, apart from their high ethical standards, is to stop anyone reading this downloading it and using it?

2. does “exclusivley” mean the same as “exclusively” (I’m just guessing here)

3. I didn’t realise I’d signed up to be a wagamamama covent garden member. I don’t know if I like wagamamama’s food as much as I like wagamama’s. AFAIK there are zero wagamamama covent garden members so this is a bit worthless really.

Your patience please

I’m trying today to get my dns records sorted out so that I get my mail for lloyd at and pointing here to the blog.

Apologies to all those who have been bounced of late. For now, the best way to e-mail me is still lloyd dot davis at gmail dot com, to see the blog come to (rss from ) skype me as perfectpath or telephone +447919182825