The party’s over…

P3140138For a few weeks earlier this year there were parties over the road in the Villa Elephant on the River. Every Saturday hordes of young people would arrive from about midnight onwards and the sound system would start up with bass booming through the night. At least that’s what I’m told happened. I always sleep like a log and so missed even the loudest bits every week.

Then a couple of weeks ago we got a letter through the door saying that the police were going to make sure nothing happened and that week and last weekend, all was quiet. But about 8.00 tonight we saw this scene where the police seemed to be making sure that the sound system and all the kit was packed away in a big van. The police have gone, but the party organisers are back out on the street, occasionally remonstrating with each other. Later on, it might get interesting if people arrive for the party but have to be turned away.

update: apparently this is what was supposed to happen (seen on MAXX’s myspace)