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Women in Tech Panel at Web2.0

I’m very honoured that Suw has asked me to contribute to her “panel” in Berlin on the tech gender gap (taking place on the Thursday afternoon).

Here’s the description:

“It is undeniably true that there aren’t enough women in tech, that women are not well represented at conferences, and often don’t get the promotions, rewards and acclaim they deserve. We also know that the issue of gender is not a simple one: there are complex societal and psychological pressures that influence how we all behave, men and women, and we’re not always clear on what drives us to do what we do. This participatory session will attempt to unpick some of the threads around gender and will aim to produce ideas for how we can collectively act to level the playing field.”

I have no opinion on the numbers of “women in tech” really – I don’t know enough about it at the sharp end, but I do know that I sit in many conferences listening to men (in suits) drone on, often about something that a bunch of other people have done. I find tuttle encouraging in terms of our gender mix – and there were plenty of women leading sessions at socialmediacamp last week.

But I’m also aware that these are just my perceptions and are subject to gender bias too, so I’m looking forward to exposing my views and experience to some debate and discussion that will hopefully lead to some action.

If you want to take part, of course you’ll be very welcome, but you’ll have to come along to the conference. Which means you’ll have to sign-up. And there’s no better way than to use the 35% discount code webeu08gr43 on the registration page.

Decisions, decisions

I’m taking a forward look at the programme for Web2.0 and it’s getting tricky to decide what to go to and when.

I have to admit that last year, I went in and listened to some of the sessions, but the halls were so cavernous and while I knew many of the speakers (at least by reputation) there were few who I really wanted to hear.

It’s made me see how my conference going has evolved – when I went to Les Blogs for example, it was cool just to see people like Doc Searls in the flesh, let alone get to chat with them. I then went through a phase of seeing people so often and reading them too that everything I heard, I’d either heard in public before or I’d read on their blogs and filtered through several other interpretations. Now, I find that as there are more people to read and I have less time per person, I am back up for listening to them in a conference hall because it’s a luxury again to spend more time chewing over what they’re saying.

There are four simultaneous streams: Strategy & Business Models Design & User Experience Marketing & Community and Development. They’re all slammed together in one programme together with workshops and keynotes on this page.

The problem will be sorting out who to see when and when I’ll also get time to lounge around in the lobby and chat with folk…

If you haven’t booked for yourself yet – get on to it. And use this code webeu08gr43 for 35% off.

Plotting the trip to Berlin

Steve Lawson blurted this idea out to me and we had a chat about this last week at CCC.

So, as we all (and it does seem like an awful lot of people in my immediate network are going to be there) head for Berlin in October wouldn’t it be neat to see a map of people converging from all over Europe – especially those coming by rail or road. Y’know a central place that we can all ping our geo-location to through the journey which gets displayed on a google map. Might even be useful for when we’re there to be able to see where the party hotspots are 🙂

This is your task, oh lazyweb. Just don’t make it look like the opening titles to Dad’s Army.

And if you haven’t booked already, don’t forget you can get 35% off by using my SuperUltimateDiscountScheme code (accept no substitutes) webeu08gr43 on the registration page and remember that early bird registration ends on 25th Sept.