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Four weeks to go

I just made this highly inspirational first video diary to mark 28 days until I’m going to be travelling to the US – I think it has the exciting motivational tone necessary to spur you all on to… um… do something.

Well actually no, it’s not because I’ve got a cold and that’s making me miserable and not think very straight, but I just wanted to say, y’know – I’m still here and I’m still plodding on.

I know from previous experience that this is a weird time – the project suddenly seems more real because it’s happening next month, but despite all the talking I’ve done with lovely people and the tentative agreements that have been made, nothing is signed and sealed yet and so… and so… well so it maybe doesn’t seem so real, it feels like there might just be a teeny tiny risk that it will all go pear-shaped and I’ll have egg on my face.  And pears and eggs just don’t go, do they?

Nonetheless, you will have noticed that I’ve added two pages today for people interested in sponsoring the trip – About the trip describes what I’m doing in general terms.  While Sponsorship Opportunities gives more details of the help I’m looking for.  Please pass them on to anyone who might be interested or able to get involved.  Each is available as a PDF download if you want to give them to people who are afraid URLs.

Those of you who know me will recognise this phase in Lloyd’s process and will probably be rolling their eyes and shaking their heads.  Yes.  Again.


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Nick explains what we’re doing in Leeds

The main reason for going to the show in Leeds was to get a feel for what the sport is really like.  i had so many preconceptions and prejudices and I’ve seen them in other people too when talking about this project.  Which is one reason for doing the project in the first place…

However, I did of course have a camera with me and so here’s Nick giving a bit of an intro to the evening.  I got a bit too engrossed in the action after this to get really good stuff, but I’ll see what else I can pull out and publish and I’ll be capturing some stills from the other material too.

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